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Example Niche Market Rates

All numbers are based on current Dressage Training Online run rates. There is no guarantee of success rate. The business, like any, requires a constant evaluation of what needs to be done to increase viewership and membership. Every niche market has a different market opportunity. Every business owner has a unique work ethic. These are important determining factors. Dressage Training Online's market is extremely small. Approx. 400,000 worldwide.

You can anticipate that in month 5 after launch, the revenues should cover the monthly cost. Month 6 should be profitable. The average start up takes 3 years before it becomes profitable (Reuters International), Ours becomes profitable in year 1.

Traditionally your costs will begin to be covered by revenues in month 5. You can expect a minimum of 20 hrs per week in year one and travel time away, possibly to the extent of 40 nights first year.

ETO's Responsibilities

Site creation. Management of backend technical network for life of partnership. Management of network, host and CDN network, for life of partnership. Single point of contact technical support., for life of partnership. Software upgrades and bug fixes, for life of partnership. Consulting on every aspect of site, making you fully functional. No cap on consulting hours. "Success Architect" assigned to you for the life of your business.

Revenue & ROI Calculator

Below you'll find our default calculations for an Enthusiast Training based business. We encourage you to crunch a few numbers of your own by entering data into the calculator.