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Proven Model of Success

Our flagship model is DressageTrainingOnline.com. Launched Feb. 2007, by an unknown amateur in a very small niche market (approx. 1M). In year 3 gross revenues exceeded half a million dollars. Years 1 and 2, this was a one person 2 independant contractor business. Though year one was highly time intensive, afterwards, the ability to easily set your own time and schedule was quite easy.

Going to work is a joy, as it's a personal passion.

The benefit of working with enthusiasttrainingonline to turn your passion into profit is that you get to benefit from the years of knowledge obtained from the trial and error of a team who has successfully done what you want to do.

Additional Portfolios

CuttingHorseTrainingOnlineCuttingHorseTrainingOnline.com - Launched in 2011, We put our heart into our work, and take pride in every training video we bring to the community. Every trainer and judge featured on this website has been chosen for their unique perspective, presentation and passion for the sport. It is our intention that CuttingHorseTrainingOnline.com helps raise the expertise of the cutting community worldwide. The owner is a top trainer himself originating from his home nation of Australia.

Reining Training OnlineReiningTrainingOnline.com - Launched in 2009, founded by a group of Reining enthusiasts committed to bringing educational tools and resources that exceed your expectations through deliberate learning content. The RTO team rides, trains, and works in the Reining community. We invest our time and energy into RTO and our love of the sport of Reining drives us to take great pride in the educational content put forth. The RTO Team provides the reining enthusiast a venue to view authentic training videos to be watched from the comfort of your home via the web. The ultimate reining clinic with the sports best and brightest professionals. Our hope is that through this online training resource, members will gain valuable knowledge while connecting with others in the Reining community.

Learn2GroomDogsLearn2GroomDogs.com - Launched in 2010, The founder has over 30 years of experience in the pet industry. Her mastery of grooming techniques has won her numerous awards on a national and international level. She has run multiple businesses, including a fleet of mobile units, a salon that grew into the Paragon School of Pet Grooming, a luxury boarding facility called Whiskers Resort & Pet Spa, and iWhite Dog Enterprises - which created the award winning books, Notes From the Grooming Table and iTheory of Five. She was a member and Team Coordinator of GroomTeam USA, and sat on the Board of Directors of that organization. She is an industry speaker, author, contest grooming judge and two-time Cardinal Crystal Achievement winner.

EventingTrainingOnlineEventingTrainingOnline.com - Founded by an athlete in the eventing world, EVTO owner, served as a USPC District Commissioner, USEA Area VI Chairperson (1985-1987), CDS L.A. chapter public relations chairperson (1973), AVA (American Vaulting Association) board of governors (1976-1978) and Woodside Horse Park founding vice president and board member (1976-1989), selected as Chief Liaison Officer for the 1984 Olympic games. Designer and builder of the three-day event show jumping course at Santa Anita for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Official National Team Coach of the M├ęcan Eventing Equestrian Team. This team is the current Gold medal holder at the Central American Games and currently sits on the USEF Board of Directors and President of the United States Eventing Association (USEA). Launched in 2013.

TrackMySkatingTrackMySkating.com - Owned by a national team coach of the USA, launched in 2014 to the world of ice skating, soon to be a vast source of knowledge and what goes into building a world class team.

MyDressageStatsMyDressageStats.com - The sporting world has been waiting for just this tool. The gathering of crucial data that can be analyzed to assist in the development of medal winning individuals and teams' is super powerful! It's exciting to know that soon you will be able to create real stories, based on factual training trends that can help predict a competitive outcome.